Friday, 28 October 2011


Old Dynamite

He was a real piece of work. Even though his little boy was terrified of horses, he insisted on taking him out on the trail.
  So, I saddled Princess, my gentle Welsh pony, for the boy and let them get acquainted while I saddled his father’s horse.
While I led the boy around the ring, his father spat encouragement, “Are you going to spend all day walking around in circles?”
Then I tied Princess securely and brought out Old Dynamite, holding the harness while his father mounted.  Then I whisked the boy behind the fence.
Good Old Dynamite!

Friday, 21 October 2011

FLASH FRIDAY - 21 of October - The Egg - by Linda Palund

The Egg - 100 words

          My oar sliced silently through the looking glass surface of the water as I rowed to the island.  I knew something was wrong.
         It shouldn't be this quiet.
         Where were the birds, whose eggs I had come to count?  They should be watching me from off shore or circling above my head
         I beached the dinghy and crept through the brush, careful not to disturb any nests. But there were no nests. There were no eggs.
          At last! One perfect nest. But inside, instead of a spotted egg, lay a hideous stone marble, exuding a poison that made me shudder.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Linda Palund moves to Fiction Victim too!

This is my new site, where I will work on whims and whimsey. I will enter contests and participate in "Flash Fridays" and other Flash Fiction here.

Below is a Scifi story I am trying out, and more of these will appear soon...