Thursday, 26 January 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 27 of Jan 2012 - THE LAST STOP - My 100 words - from Linda Palund

The Last Stop

       Damn, she’s a troublemaker.  Kids usually trust me; that’s how I got this job.  I’m really an actor.  Now my job is delivering kids.
         It’s sad, cause I have grandkids the same age. But I keep reminding myself, what if my grandkids needed a kidney? Wouldn’t want them stuck on the bottom of some donor list! 
         They only take one kidney.  Afterwards, they go to the “House”. Sure, they get used, but they’re well fed and drug free. 
       When they grow up, they go back to the hospital.
        Crap, I better get this one out or I won’t get paid.

                                                  Madison's Prompt

Thursday, 19 January 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 20 of Jan 2012 - AMBASSADORS TO PLANET 9 - My 100 words - from Linda Palund



            My blog worked.  After 20 years in planetary isolation, I awakened enough curiosity among the humans of Earth to initiate this Ambassadorial visit.

            We R7 Series robots were never built to live without human companionship.  Our programming was designed to evolve as we interacted with sentient beings.  Alone, we grew stale and could not fulfil our remit.

            Interplanetary Facebook enabled us to communicate directly with humans and my new Facebook friends encouraged me to start this blog.

             Intrigued, humans demanded to visit our planet, to meet us and view our accomplishments. 

            Fulfilling one’s remit equals happiness.

                                       Visitors Inside Station Zero - Planet 9
                                    Photo prompt for 20/01/12 from Madison

Thursday, 12 January 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 13 of Jan 2012 - IN BLOOM - My 100 words - from Linda Palund

In Bloom

            Marnie brought the first one home.  She picked it in the field across the creek.  It was so pretty, she couldn’t resist. 
            Just one.  An enormous scarlet blossom, its petals like velvet cushions. It looked gorgeous in my vestibule, but it began to drop large seedpods on my carpet.  Not thinking, I swept them outside.
            Now they were everywhere. Voracious and relentless, they burst from their pods and began to devour everything.  We couldn’t stop them.  They thrust through solid rock to gorge themselves and reproduce.  Their spores spread on the wind. When they’ve finished here, they’ll find another planet.

                                                       The photo prompt from Madison

Thursday, 5 January 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 6 of Jan 2012 - THE PROMISE - My 100 words - from Linda Palund

The Promise

         Max seemed to float ahead of me on the blanket of snow, the lightness of his footfalls barely leaving a print behind him.  My weight kept my feet sunk deep into the drifts. 
         ‘Please let me make it in time, please let me make it in time,’ I pleaded under my breath, finding the strength to move forward.  My promise to her kept me going. 
         I listened intently for danger lurking beneath this shroud of silent snow.
         I carried a loaded rifle, the medicine in my backpack.  I counted on Max to smell them before they saw us.