Thursday, 15 December 2011

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 16 of Dec - CHRISTMAS, PLANET 9 - My 100 words - from Linda Palund

Christmas, Planet 9

         Form and function of the R7 Robot has surpassed all previous models, but our makers insist we remain here until Earth’s economy rebounds.
         We have prepared the niche for our new human, arriving on tomorrow’s supply shuttle.  Humans are necessary, but they don’t last long and replacement is difficult. They must combine intelligence and dexterity with desire to interact with Class 7 Robots.
         We like humans.  “Like” expresses ease of interaction and mutual beneficence. 
         Hopefully, this will be our last Christmas here.  Our hydroponic gardens could barely sustain this Conifer.  We wish our humans a Merry Christmas.

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This is the Photo Prompt from Madison Woods:


  1. That was a very interesting POV Linda. Both yours and Carlos's this morning were told from unusual points of view and I enjoyed that. I imagine it would be hard to grow trees via hydroponics!

  2. Hi Linda, I sympathised with the narrator - imagine trying to grow trees like that. I hope they get to leave earth soon!

  3. Dear Linda,

    I loved your take on the photo prompt and then scrolled down to find I'd somehow missed your equally masterful effort for last week's prompt. Your mind is firmly in the far out reaches of the imagination. I love that you inhabit that space so naturally.

    Keep up the good work. We humans require a continuous supply of stories.



  4. I LOVED this mixture of holiday and sci-fi! Yes, keep those humans happy. Well done, Lindaura. :)

  5. Yes, please don't leave until the economy rebounds, enjoyed! Robin

  6. Well, I commented this morning. I know I hit post...hmmm...did you see it??

  7. Oh no! I didn't get it! But it is ok, you don't need to comment. I am happy that you read it.

  8. You used such great imagination! Fun post!