Friday, 30 December 2011

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 30 of Dec - MY NANO-BOT - My 100 words - from Linda Palund

My Nano-Bot

         So exquisite, this Nano-Bot was perfectly designed and created just for us, the R7 Series Robot.  These tiny machines will perform all the intricate maintenance tasks we require.  A Human will no longer be necessary.
         The R7 Series is sophisticated enough to appreciate beauty.  Beauty is perfection in form and function. We look upon this tiny machine and see engineering precision and purity of design. 
         Programmed to fly and crawl at our command, they will fulfill our every requirement.  
        We will form a symbiotic bond with it, much like a pet.  
        Perhaps we will learn to love it.

Madison's Photo Prompt:   


  1. Dear Linda,

    I love how you link your stories. That must add a level of difficulty to the challenge that you keep rising to.



  2. Now that's one interesting pet.
    I loved your story. Great read in just 100 words.

  3. Thanks, Doug, I hope I can escape into another genre at next week's prompt - although now I am thinking of using these for my next real novel....If sci fi is considered real...
    Cheers, as they say in England,

  4. I meant it when I said: "Very nice, Ms Glamoura. The prose had a nice, clean quality that I like and the literal definition of beauty juxtaposed with the idea of love was quite sublime. One of your best!" Also I like the idea of insects, albeit, robot ones, as pets. Normally we just think of eating them.

  5. You are devilishly funny, Senior Repuesto. I don't know about one of my best, but thank you, and I'll do the cooking from now on...

  6. Oooh - I hope I can opt out of the symbiotic partnership. That just can't be good!
    Thanks, and here's my Friday Flash piece:

  7. I'm not sure about loving it, because I consider that a two-way street. But I would give it a name like Elvis Bot-a-flea and program it to do tricks.

  8. The future is now. I wasn't sure who the narrator was. Humans? I liked how they hoped to form a symbiosis and perhaps love the creation. My confusion came from the line "A Human will no longer be necessary", but love is a Human emotion. Intriguing story, Linda.

  9. Very futuristic, though probably not too far off! So what all can it do? :) I'd read more!

  10. A very chilling tale, futuristic and I hope not one that could be realistic!

  11. Now, I'm not so sure I want to be replaced by something so tiny and so much smarter than I am! Cute post, and somewhat disturbing, Linda-Laura.

    Here's mine:

  12. I love this! It could easily happen in the future... scary when you think about it!

  13. Wait...what....

    Humans are no longer necessary but the people will love it? Are they seperate?

    It's creepy and made ants crawl under my skin. Well played R7 Robot. Well played.


  14. There is a sadness to this that is very compelling. I wouldn't change a word of it.


    Here is the link to mine: