Friday, 2 March 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 2 of March - THE WORD JEWELS - MY 100 WORDS - from Linda Palund

The Word Jewels

They come by post. Each one carefully wrapped and numbered. They come to us from all over the planet. Each one a different hue, each one a different jewel, each one a different word.  These are the Word Jewels and we are the Jewel Keepers.
The Jewel Boxes have been prepared, lead caskets to insulate their precious cargo from the coming storm.
We hold each one tenderly, feeling the strength of their precision, before we lay them in their beds. They are the most precious gift we leave and their sparkling existence comforts us.  At least our words will survive.


  1. This is terrific, Ms Glamoura; a great idea and beautifully written. Plus pretty funny in an only-in-the-know way! Anyone else out there play Word Jewels on their phone?

  2. Linda,
    Glad you enjoyed my little humor piece. Your story is a bright and shiny jewel in itself.

  3. This reminds me of the Global Seed Bank in the Arctic. Who knew we'd have to preserve our words for the future as well.

    ~Susan (

  4. Incredibly beautiful piece, just loved it. A keeper this.
    Thanks for the read.

  5. Fascinating. I'm not sure I fully understand it, but I enjoyed it and you captured the desire to hold onto the words well.

    I'm over here:

  6. I loved this, Linda--poetic! What a tribute to a good writer--"our words will survive." Well done.


  7. Beautiful, Lindaura. Really really, I love the idea of words as jewels and the ominous sense of the last sentence "at least our words will survive."

    Very cool. And thank you for your comment -- your always so thoughtful.

    The Lime

  8. Hi Lindaura,
    Great extended metaphor and vey apt. That's exactly how I feel when I find the precise word to fit into a phrase. It makes the writing sparkle. Great story to be read by a bunch of writers. I'm having to post anonymously because blogspot is a idiot. Ron Pruitt

  9. Thank you, Ron, sorry about blogspot. It is user friendly for the blogger, but very unfriendly to strangers!

  10. This is such a lovely sentiment. I adore the idea of the words being stored in gems (since words are, themselves, gems.) This could very easily be a larger piece. What led up to this, where are the people going? Why leave things behind. There are so many things I want to know.

    Great job!

    My link is here:

  11. Dear Linda,

    I really enjoyed this story and I cannot imagine a better take on the photo prompt.



  12. Hi Linda: Very unique piece. Poetic. Love your last line.
    Here's mine:

  13. Neat concept! I just heard something tonight on NPR about dying languages. We lose something irreplaceable each time one winks out.

    I'm fascinated at how many people had an apocalyptic take on this particular prompt, including myself:

  14. I liked that concept, Linda. Is each stone imbued with a word, or is IT the word itself? Words are very powerful.

    1. In my mind, each stone is a word, a word from every language on the planet - and possibly every word from evey language on the planet. It was just an idea sparked by the prompt and a little word game Carlos knows about - called "Word Jewels".