Friday, 9 March 2012

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS - 9 of March - THE COLOUR LIME - My 100 Words - from Linda Palund

The Colour Lime

She stumbled into the shelter, breathless.
“They took the Perkins family last night.”
“All of them?”
She nodded, lifting her hand to caress my face. 
“Why do they hate the Limeskins so?”
“They need someone to blame.”
“But I don’t want you to die!”
“I don’t want you to die either. You’re not safe here.”
          We hugged; just hugged, like old friends saying goodbye.
After she left, I put a grenade in each pocket, clipped one to my belt and rested the rifle barrel on the stone ledge.
I heard the twigs snap before they entered my line of sight.

I stole my title from The Lime.  My story was inspired by Doug's story from last week. I became obsessed with the idea of protecting everyone's humanity, Limeskin and all...


  1. Loved the underlying theme of this story.

    Here's mine:

  2. The Guns of Brixton indeed. Protecting everyone's humanity at the cost of our own. I think cooperation is the path to success rather than competition, sadly for the Limeskins but rather happily for the ants (and the bees, who will take us down with them).


    Haha! I love that you were so scrappy this week and pulled in other things that have variously inspired you. I do that all the time and it hardly ever turns out so well as yours did! There's something in this that reminds me of "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and that's not a bad likeness to have :)

  4. That's a good thing to say, and a good thing to remember. "It tolls for thee" is the right answer.
    Thank you for appreciating it.

  5. I got a serious Holocaust vibe from this. I can't imagine the horror of being hunted for who you are - religion, skin color, ethnicity. Very well written piece.

    ~Susan (Here's mine:

  6. Going out in a blaze of fire. Almost Braveheart like. I enjoyed it.

    My attempt:

  7. Dear Linda,

    Imagine my surprise as I read your story and then your explanation of the origin of its title and idea. Thanks for saying so. Made me smile in appreciation.

    The Lime is right about For Whom the Bell Tolls. Final lines and all. Very evocative and very well done.



  8. Thanks, Doug. Now let's see your offering - on a lighter note...

  9. Excellent use of dialog to tell and dark and sinister story. And you bring the reader to the perfect point so that the story is completed in the reader's mind. Great story!
    Here's mine:

  10. Very poignant. I also get a Holocaust/French Resistance Fighter feel from this piece. Well done story!

  11. Well done! It's exciting to see how our imaginations can be ignited by others. Limeskins -- loved the image that evoked. Big thank you for visiting my site, also.

  12. This is excellent, Linda, a blend of alternate universe, love story, discrimination, and adventure.

  13. A good mix of narrative and dialogue, finely balanced. Good read.

  14. We have to do something about that lime-colored skin. Perhaps a tequila bath would lighten the pigment.

    Great story. I'm ready for the battle scene.

  15. Linda, I think I like this one best of all your sotries so far! It had such emotion and a tremendous amount of story before and after this 100 words. Even with the absurdity of lime skin, I was there.